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In this episode of the ATP Project, Matt, Steve, and Elizma chat about intermittent fasting for weight loss & fasted cardio. What can offset a fast, what the definition of fasted cardio is when it is important to factor into your lifestyle and the fallout benefits of intermittent fasting for your body.



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Covered in this episode:

[00:01:04] – Podcast Start
[00:03:01] – What is fasted cardio?
[00:04:35] – Best time for fasted cardio and cortisol spikes
[00:06:54] – Hierarchy of burning fuel with fasted cardio
[00:08:11] – Fat adaptation
[00:10:14] – Staying glycogen depleted
[00:11:05] – Mitochondria and fasted cardio
[00:14:32] – Insulin resistance
[00:15:04] – AMPK system
[00:17:45] – Diabetes
[00:20:09] Metformin
[00:21L29] – Ketone production
[00:23:22] – AMP-V
[00:26:58] – AMPK
[00:27:37] – mTOR
[00:28:30] – Carb loading v carb restriction
[00:30:05] – High fat diets and bile
[00:31:31] – ppar receptor
[00:32:27] – HCG diet
[00:36:24] – Akkermansia
[00:37:07] – Does fasted cardio induce bile flow
[00:38:38] – Fatty liver
[00:40:09] – Cholesterol
[00:43:25] – Intensity of training and the perception of stress
[00:44:37] – Breaking the fast with a coffee?
[00:48:45] – Restricting carbs
[00:50:22] – Fasted cardio benefits
[00:53:08] – Under recovery rather than over training
[00:56:13] – Subcut and fasted cardio and uncoupling proteins
[00:59:04] – When do I eat? and wrap up
[01:12:36] – Testimonial – Aurum Oil
[01:14:46] – FAQ

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