1 - Seeing me for the first time

You will need to fill out the intake form that will be send to you electronically via email.  My office will receive it as soon as you submit it.  If you prefer to print it out and fill it in by hand, then you can send it via express post, or scan and email it back to me.

You can scan your documents and email them as a PDF format.  Some clients prefer to take images of their blood test results on their phone and email it which is an option if you don’t have a scanner.  Email these to [email protected].  If you need to find another option feel free to contact me so we can come up with a plan that works for both of us.

These will be send out to you automatically once you’ve booked an appointment.  If you haven’t received them within a day or two of booking the appointment, please email [email protected] and we’ll get this send through to you.

If for some reason the online intake form is not working for you, or you have trouble with the questions, or maybe you feel the questions do not tell the full story of what you are experiencing, then feel free to write me a narrative describing your health journey and using a timeline to indicate when you started feeling sick and moments of change along the way.  Also provide a list of any supplements or prescription medication you may be on.

Once you book an appointment we will send through the details of how to connect via skype.  We can also connect via Zoom or phone if this works better for you.  If you don’t receive this information within a day or two after booking, please let us know at [email protected] and we’ll get that send through to you.

If you would like to first speak to me before making a commitment you can book a once-off Free 15 minute chat with me.  This provides an opportunity for us both to decide whether we would like to work together and set realistic expectations.  When you are ready to commit, just book your First Consultation.  

Be aware that no lab tests or gene reports will be discussed during these 15 minutes.

2 - Our Continuing Journey

I do not provide detailed written reports about my findings after going through your information at this time.  This is to keep consultation fees as low as possible.

I do however provide you with a Health Plan containing information on supplements and dosages, as well as extra information where needed, and a recording where applicable (if technology doesn’t let us down and when requested).

If you still want a written health report you can discuss this with me, but I will have to charge extra for this.

If you have specific questions, an urgent matter, or just need to have a quick conversation with me, it is best to book in for a Quick Follow-Up Consultation via phone or skype.  If it can wait until your next appointment then write your questions down so you don’t forget.

The staff at [email protected] will provide support where they can.

At this time, no.  I do not charge for email correspondence, but also have very limited time in which I can respond to emails.

If it’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer it is generally not a problem.

Make sure you structure your emails with information on what’s being treated for, the supplements/medications you are currently taking, whether you are feeling better or worse, and your question.

I receive a stack of emails on a daily basis and although all my clients are special to me, I simply cannot remember everyone’s health plans.  The easier you make it for me, the quicker you’ll get your answer.

If it is more complicated, or requires me to do additional research or go back into your file, then it is best to book a Quick Follow-Up Consultation.  Make sure you have all your questions ready.

I have a great nutritionist, Rebecca Baldry, who can provide support during these times.  She is someone I’ve worked with for 15+ years and whom I have great trust in.  Some of you will already be familiar with her as she works out many complex meal plans for those with lots of food intolerances.

During my travels, or anytime when I’m too busy, you can book an appointment with her.  She will gather all your information and discuss it with me BEFORE formulating your treatment plan.  You will be effectively getting treatment from TWO practitioners.  But at no time do you change practitioners.

I recommend and use supplements from a variety of suppliers based on what I have been getting the best results with.  If you are using supplements prescribed by a different practitioner or something that you’ve bought online, I will review this during your consultation, and assess whether I think this is suitable for you, or if there are better alternatives available based on my clinical experience.

The choice will always remain yours as to what you would like to take.

However, we cannot give you advice on supplements we are not familiar with, and without having a consultation first, as we do not know anything about you, your biochemical patterns, or your specific needs.

Depending on the test, it takes about 3-4 weeks to get test results back.  Once we’ve received these, we will let you know and help you set up a follow-up appointment if you haven’t done so already.  Generally test results are included in this email.

If our records indicate that it has been more than a year since we last communicated or had an appointment, then a lot would have changed since then, past treatments may not be appropriate anymore, and it would be necessary to have a new appointment to take a fresh look at your symptoms, treatments you may have had from other health professionals since, or have access to tests that may have been performed that I’m not aware of.

This will bring me up to speed with your current health situation so I can provide the best care possible.

It is best if you book a new appointment by clicking on the button to the right
I look forward to connecting with you again 🙂

3 - Where I can provide support

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are a practitioner struggling with a gene report, or have had functional tests done by a practitioner that has not given you a satisfactory interpretation.

Clients can book a Test Results Consultation, and practitioners can book a Practitioner Mentoring session.

For clients, it will be a simple test result interpretation.  I will not have any of your health history information, so will not be able to give you a detailed health plan on what I believe will move you forward in your journey.  I would still advise to book a First Consultation in this case.

This is an ideal option for practitioners as you receive an interpretation on test results you may not be very familiar with, which enables you to get a treatment plan together for your client quickly, and also learn along the way.

  • You receive a recording of the conversation (if technology doesn’t fail us and if requested) to listen to again.
  • No treatment plans are provided.  This is simply an expert interpretation.
  • Under ALL circumstances clients will be deferred back to their practitioners for treatment.  I maintain a trusting and respectful relationship with my colleagues.  This service is to enhance client care, teach along the way, and not to be another ‘cook in the kitchen’ when it comes to treatment.
  • If you are not under anyone’s expert care, then we can discuss continuing a client-practitioner relationship if this is your desire.


After multiple requests both nationally and internationally I decided to make this option available.  It will depend on the time frame you are looking at and my availability when determining costs.

Contact my office at [email protected] to get more information.

Absolutely, yes!

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I have had success in treating many varied conditions, including Lyme disease, mold toxicity, SIBO, food intolerances, multiple chemical sensitivities, and other complex health conditions.

Providing support in preconception care where I’ve helped women conceive healthy babies in their late fertile years.
I also treat all age groups from babies to the elderly.

The reason I’m able to do this is because I don’t look at disease as a noun, but as a verb.  It is a process gone wrong in the body, or our biochemistry, and if we can correct that, we can correct many things.  Disease is not an entity on its own.  The symptoms you are experiencing is just an indication that there is something going on ‘behind the scenes’ and it’s my job to find out what that is.

Essentially, I treat anything and everything.

4 - Where I practice


I see a number of clients that live interstate or overseas that I communicate with over skype, zoom or phone.  Our scheduling system will allow you to choose your time zone depending on where you are located, and once you book an appointment we will send through the information you need to connect with me.

5 - Ordering tests

This will depend on the country you reside in.

I have contacts with labs in Europe, UK, Australia, NZ, USA and Asia.  If you are a patient of mine, you will get instructions in how to order tests once we’ve had our First Consultation.

6 - Ordering Supplements

This will depend on the country you reside in.

I have supplement companies that I use within Europe, UK, Australia, NZ, USA and Asia.  I try to make it as easy as possible for you to order what I recommend.

If you are a patient of mine, you will get instructions in how to order supplements once we’ve had our First Consultation.

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