Welcome to our Elizma Lambert resource Centre.
Here you can download handouts on a range of topics, be directed to other helpful information or find support in other areas.


Find some handy handouts on all things clinical when it comes to getting our clients better.  We’ve included handouts that involve:

  • Detoxification
  • Gut Healing
  • Product Dosage Recommendations
  • Dietary Information
  • Mold Remediation

Designed for our clients for quick access if they need to refer back to it.

Bone + Meat Broth

Meat and Bone Broths are a great way of getting amino acids and minerals into the body, as well as collagen and glycoproteins essential for gut healing.

Butter Ball

The Butter Ball recipe is designed to calm inflammation in the gut.

Detox Bath

The Detox Bath provides a simple way to enhance detoxification via the skin.  Can be used with small children or as part of a detoxification protocol.

Die-Off Management

“Die-off” is something many experience when treating gut infections such as candida, parasites or bacterial overgrowth.  If your body struggles to deal with the toxins released you can support it and minimize symptoms in other ways.

Enterosel Gel

Enterosgel is a popular product used in ‘die-off’ reactions.  Here we provide instructions in how to use it correctly.

Fungal and Mold hypersensitivity

Fungal infections and mold biotoxin illness are very common chronic conditions we see in our practice.  However, some people are more sensitive than others in their reactions, so we provide some information on what you need to look out for if you fall inside this category.

Golden Milk

The Golden Milk recipe is designed to help calm inflammation in the gut and promote healing of the intestinal cells.


Ketotifen is an old anti-histamine drug sometimes used to help with other disorders such as leaky gut or Mast Cell Syndrome.

Mold and Biotoxins

Mold Biotoxin illness is a very real concern when it comes to chronic illness.  We provide some information here.

Mold and Biotoxins Download

Mold Remediation in Home

Mold Biotoxin Illness is a common problem in many chronic health conditions.  Find out how you can clean the environment around you.

Resistant Starches

Resistant starches do not break down into glucose readily and can be a great food source for large colon bacteria.


Toxaprevent is a binder we use a lot in our practice for metal body burden, high histamine and other issues.  We provide a bit more information about this product here.


From Others

We all have our limitations.  Even us!

For this reason we have included this section for our clients so they can access other practitioners or information sites that may be more suitable to their needs.

Optimising Nutrition

Marty Kendall is a great friend of mine and an absolute genius when it comes to ketogenic diets, macro-nutrient intake, weight loss and diabetes management.  His meal plans and dietary advice are internationally renowned.

LDN Practitioners

If you are looking for an LDN practitioner in your area, you can search the link below:

Nutrition by Bec

Nutritional services and customized meal plans for those following restrictive diets, or who just want to get healthy and lose weight.


Elizma Lambert provides tools to her clients so they can access other programs easily to suit their individual needs.

We provide links to:

  • Remediation therapies for auditory processing disorder
  • Remediation therapies for learning difficulties
  • Mold Remediation
  • Improved breathing and air flow in the home
  • Improved mobility and pain relieve through fascial release

The Listening Program

The Listening Program is a great home program for children with auditory processing problems.  It is similar to the Tomatis Method, but a home-friendly version.

Tomatis Program

The Tomatis Method is recommended by many speech pathologists who work with children with auditory processing problems, Asperger’s or Autism.


Audiblox is a series of exercises designed by a professor in South Africa working with children with dyslexia or reading problems.  I have found it extremely beneficial in ‘re-programming’ the brain in terms of recognizing patterns, reading and problem solving.

Mold Remediation

You can use Mold Bomb which kills mold and mildew and is listed as a hospital grade disinfectant:

Concrobium Mold Control is more organic and less toxic than the mold bomb and can be purchased from “Home Depot”, but you need to rent the fogger.  Total cost is less than US$100.

UltraBreathe Respiratory Trainer

The links below is just to illustrate what I’m talking about when I mention Respiratory Devices to help and strengthen the lungs and improve oxygenation inside the body.  You can explore this further, look at reviews, and choose a product you resonate with.

Air Filter

Air filters are very important when it comes to industrial air, or air quality in the home with possible mold spores and other environmental chemicals floating around.

Fascia massage tool

Myofasical tissue can often be the cause for chronic pain typically found in conditions such as fibromyalgia.  In these instances a general massage may not be enough to relieve the pain, but more a break down of scar tissue within the fascial lining of the muscle.

Here is a link to a home tool that you can use to perform this function and help with pain relief.