1 - Seeing me for the first time

You will need to fill out the intake form that will be send to you electronically via email.  My office will receive it as soon as you submit it.  If you prefer to print it out and fill it in by hand, then you can send it via express post, or scan and email it back to me.

You can scan your documents and email them as a PDF format.  Some clients prefer to take images of their blood test results on their phone and email it which is an option if you don’t have a scanner.  Email these to office@elizmalambert.com.  If you need to find another option feel free to contact me so we can come up with a plan that works for both of us.

These will be send out to you automatically once you’ve booked an appointment.  If you haven’t received them within a day or two of booking the appointment, please email office@elizmalambert.com and we’ll get this send through to you.

If for some reason the online intake form is not working for you, or you have trouble with the questions, or maybe you feel the questions do not tell the full story of what you are experiencing, then feel free to write me a narrative describing your health journey and using a timeline to indicate when you started feeling sick and moments of change along the way.  Also provide a list of any supplements or prescription medication you may be on.

Once you book an appointment we will send through the details of how to connect via skype.  We can also connect via Zoom or phone if this works better for you.  If you don’t receive this information within a day or two after booking, please let us know at office@elizmalambert.com and we’ll get that send through to you.

If you would like to first speak to me before making a commitment you can book a once-off Free 15 minute chat with me.  This provides an opportunity for us both to decide whether we would like to work together and set realistic expectations.  Make sure that you add your time-zone in so that your phone number is recorded correctly and you have the correct time for our appointment.

When you are ready to commit, just book your First Consultation.  

Be aware that no lab tests or gene reports will be discussed during these 15 minutes.

I love consulting with families and helping them make lifestyle changes that would benefit them all.

Each person within the family is a unique individual with unique genes, most likely different symptoms, more often than not different-looking test results, and as such needs to be treated like the individual they are.

Each family member is looked at separately and receives their own health plan.  As such each family member needs to have a separate consultation, although this can be done back-to-back if availability permits.

I consult with clients all over the world, including Australia (my home country), South Africa (my birth country), USA (my adopted country), UK (my visiting country), Europe (my conscious country), Indonesia (my neighbouring country), Asia (my growing country), New Zealand (my desired country), Canada (somewhere I need to visit), etc.

This means that I know to the best of my knowledge what is available in which country and where you can get it from.  This is added to your health plan based on where you are situated and where it is easiest for you to order from.

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