Elizma has been active in the health industry for around 20+ years.  She set up ‘Elizma Lambert’ as a business due to gaining recognition in many different countries amongst both practitioners and the community. Rebecca joined the business contributing her skills as a ‘problem solving’ nutritionist to complement the practice.


We conduct consultations with people and practitioners all over the world and treat many forms of chronic health conditions because we look at it from a cellular dysfunction point of view.  We take everything into account – your symptoms, your test results, your reactions to foods, supplements or medicines, your health history – and we connect the dots between all of these.

So, this is our philosophy…


All body systems are connected.

The symptoms you are experiencing are the downstream effects of something else that has probably not been identified as yet.  Your symptoms are your body telling you that something is not quite right.

It is our job to find what that is, so we can address ALL your complaints with the same treatment approach.


By looking at your symptoms, looking at how your genes are expressing, and sometimes doing functional testing if needed, in order to identify the root cause and what we should be focusing on to get you to optimal health.

Most of us know by now how our gut and the organisms that grow within it, our microbiome, influence the rest of our health.

But it’s also our hormones and our neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that governs communication between all our cells.  We cannot isolate symptoms and organs and treat them individually.  The body doesn’t work like that, so our treatments shouldn’t be based on this model either.

Using herbs, nutrients, diet and making lifestyle changes we can effectively target shifts from a cellular level which you will see reflected in your thyroid, energy, brain function, digestion, overall health and well-being, and anything else that may have been an issue for you.


What does this mean?

It essentially means that a disease name such as ‘Parkinson’s disease’ is a label that is given to a set of symptoms and processes that occur within the body.  The name of the disease is not important from our perspective.

What IS important is looking at the processes and understanding why your biochemistry has shifted in a different direction away from optimal health and how we can redirect it back again.

This philosophy is the complete opposite from the mainstream medical ‘disease’ model where the name of the disease becomes important so that the appropriate drug can be prescribed.

Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  We need to ‘listen’ and act instead of telling it to be quiet by only treating the symptoms.


When looking at test results it is very easy to get worried when you see a lot of red markings, or highs and lows.

We don’t see it that way.

Markers on test results that are outside of the norm shows us how your body is responding to something.  And your body always responds appropriately.  It has protective mechanisms that are often necessary to prevent cells from dying.

Our job is to find out why your body feels the need to protect itself, and from what, and that is what we do best.

It’s all about you!

If you’ve landed on this website you most likely have a challenging health condition, suffer from a chronic illness, or have been put in the too-hard-basket by mainstream medicine.

Either way, we believe you should feel that you are being listened to and have the option to look for the root cause of your condition as opposed to just being treated for your symptoms.

Team Elizma Lambert

Elizma Lambert

Naturopath | Functional Medicine practitioner | Educator

I am a curious researcher who loves to find connections between everything biochemistry and genetics. I’m a firm believer that if you can look at the body as a three dimensional system and understand how everything works then you can treat anything. This is why I don’t specialize in any one specific area but am one of the few generalist practitioners out there who treats everything and anything.
Because it’s all connected, and we miss the forest for the trees if we ignore everything else around the disorder.


Rebecca Baldrey


Rebecca has been working closely with Elizma for the last 10 years sharing similar views and ideas on health.
Being a mother of two children who had many food challenges early in their lives, there is no better person to get guidance from when it comes to complex meal plans and finding recipe ideas for fussy eaters.