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2 - Our Continuing Journey

Understand that we look at each person individually.  This means looking at their test results, their symptoms, their progress, their supplements and where we need to make changes all separately.  Each person gets individual and separate health recommendations.

In order to provide the best care and give each case the attention it deserves we do not combine appointments.

If our records indicate that it has been more than a year since we last communicated or had an appointment, then a lot would have changed since then.  Past treatment suggestions may not be appropriate anymore, and it would be necessary to have a new appointment to take a fresh look at your symptoms, treatments you may have had from other health professionals since, or have access to tests that may have been performed that I’m not aware of.

This will bring me up to speed with your current health situation so I can provide the best care possible.

It is best if you book a new appointment by clicking on the button to the right
I look forward to connecting with you again 🙂

Depending on the test, it takes about 3-4 weeks to get test results back.  Once we’ve received these, we will let you know and help you set up a follow-up appointment if you haven’t done so already.  Generally test results are included in this email.

I recommend and use supplements from a variety of suppliers based on what I have been getting the best results with over the years.  If you are using supplements prescribed by a different practitioner or something that you’ve bought online, I will review this during your consultation, and assess whether I think this is suitable for you, or if there are better alternatives available based on my clinical experience.

The choice will always remain yours as to what you would like to take.

However, we cannot give you advice on supplements we are not familiar with, and without having a consultation first, as we do not know anything about you, your biochemical patterns, or your specific needs.

At this time, no.  I do not charge for email correspondence, but also have very limited time in which I can respond to emails.

If it’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer it is generally not a problem.

Make sure you structure your emails with information on what’s being treated for, the supplements/medications you are currently taking, whether you are feeling better or worse, and your question.

I receive a stack of emails on a daily basis and although all my clients are special to me, I simply cannot remember everyone’s health plans.  The easier you make it for me, the quicker you’ll get your answer.

If it is more complicated, or requires me to do additional research or go back into your file, then it is best to book a Quick Follow-Up Consultation.  Make sure you have all your questions ready.

If you have specific questions, an urgent matter, or just need to have a quick conversation with me, please email the [email protected].

I do not provide detailed written reports about my findings after going through your information at this time.  This is to keep consultation fees as low as possible.

I do however provide you with recommendations on supplements and dosages, as well as extra information where needed, and a recording where applicable (if technology doesn’t let us down and when requested).

If you still want a written health report you can discuss this with me, but I will have to charge extra for this.

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