This Neurotransmitters test is available with Metabolites (Neurobiogenic Amines Comprehensive) or without Metabolites (Neurobiogenic Amines – Basic).  It is useful for assessing COMT and MAO A function and identifying neurological imbalances.


  • Neurobiogenic Amines Plus Metabolites (GO140)
  • Neurobiogenic Amines Basic (GO139)

Neuro-Biogenic Amines, Comprehensive; Urine

Urinary neuro-biogenic amines provide an overall assessment of a patient’s ability to synthesize and metabolize neurotransmitters, both in the periphery and, for some enzymes, behind the blood brain barrier as well.  Alterations in urinary neurotransmitter status may be associated with a variety of conditions including metabolic disorders, mood/behavioral disorders, and in rare occasions the presence of certain tumors. Associations between urinary neurotransmitter levels and health conditions have been documented in scientific literature and may provide valuable insights as part of a comprehensive health assessment.


This test is useful for
  • Functional testing for COMT and MAOA
  • Identifying neurological imbalances
  • Measuring response to therapy
  • Risk assessment

Turnaround Time

5 to 7 days


Analytes Tested

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