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Learn From One of the Best in the Business

Grab hold of this opportunity, whether you are a student or practitioner, to discuss cases or concepts that may be challenging. This is a free-form discussion between the practitioner and Elizma Lambert to discuss challenging cases or topics that you may have difficulty in understanding.


Many practitioners simply discuss OAT results to understand this test better and what it may mean in a clinical context.  As one of the leaders in Organic Acid Test interpretation, teaching practitioners in Australia and all over the world in the art of dissecting the OAT, I will review your patient’s history with you as well as The Organic Acid Test and provide you with an expert analysis of your/your client’s test results.

However, I am not limited to just Organic Acid Testing and can certainly provide expertise in other functional test results as well, having earned the moniker of ‘Diagnostics Expert’ in Australia.

Important Things to Note
  • No written report will be rendered but you will receive a copy of the audio recording that you can listen to at any time at your convenience.
  • Please submit a short case history and any test results in advance to go through.
  • No more than two cases to be submitted per session to ensure quality time spend on each case.
  • Please advise of the topic to be discussed (If this is the focus of the appointment) so I can make sure to have the relevant information at hand to provide you with expert information.

Schedule Your Mentoring Session


If you cannot find a suitable time to book due to time zone differences or conflicting work schedules, please contact the office with information on your location and times that could work for you, and we’ll do our best to find a solution that works for everyone.

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