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Rebecca Baldrey


Rebecca Baldrey


Who am I?

  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Food Blogger
  • Clinician

What do I do?

  • Consult with Clients about health and nutrition
  • Develop specialised meal plans to cater restricted diets, weight loss, food intolerances and health conditions
  • Blog about relevant and up to date diets, food and nutrition

Team Elizma Lambert

I have been working closely with Elizma for the last 10 years sharing similar views and ideas on health.  Being a mother of two children who had many food challenges early in their lives, I have lots of first hand experience when it comes to complex meal plans and finding tasty recipe ideas for fussy eaters.

Foundational nutrition is crucial to health and wellness. If the basic nutrients aren’t there, the body does not have the tools to work effectively. This is where external stressors like toxins, pathogens or life stress can have a huge impact on health, because the body simply cannot function how it was designed to function.

Using food and nutrients to reverse nutritional deficiencies, repair damaged cells and allow body systems to work in sync is the first step to regaining health
Once the foundation is laid, it can be built on to reverse chronic disease and optimise health

Nutritional Services

I offer meal plans for various client needs.  I cater for restricted diets, weight loss, food intolerances and specific health conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune, IBS and dysbiosis.

These plans consist of:
  • a diet overview
  • comprehensive food list
  • 20+ recipes
  • optional addition of a 7 day meal guide and shopping list.
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