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Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is emerging as a potential causative factor in many confounding illnesses. Put simply, in CIRS, the immune system is perpetuating a cycle of inflammation to a trigger of some kind that the person’s biology is not able to rebalance from. Frustratingly for both patients and clinicians, there is no clear path to diagnosis.


Today we are joined by Naturopath and Homoeopath Elizma Lambert, who with her avid interest in areas such as genetics, pathology and the many intricacies of clinical practice, has come to travel the world to both learn herself, as well as teach others about how to unravel the many layers to the CIRS patient. She joins us on FX Medicine to give us an insight into the approaches she’s adapted to identify and help CIRS sufferers.

Covered in this episode:
[00:44] Introducing Elizma Lambert
[02:22] Elizma’s background
[04:28] What exactly is CIRS?
[07:09] What makes your susceptible to CIRS?
[11:23] Is CIRS a new “disease”?
[12:44] How Elizma became interested in CIRS
[15:16] How common is CIRS?
[21:28] The key signs and symptoms
[23:14] Static Shocks: a marker for CIRS
[25:04] How do we test patients for CIRS?
[29:51] What is the treatment approach for CIRS?
[41:31] Accessing further resources for CIRS
[43:29] Final summary and thanks to Elizma

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