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Want Elizma to present at your next conference or summit? Get in touch.

Want Elizma to present?

Elizma Lambert has been an active presenter over the last few years in her home country Australia, but also within New Zealand, Poland, UK and USA where she speaks to both seasoned practitioners as well as parents and people who are passionate in learning about how they can recover from their chronic illnesses.


She has always had great feedback with all her presentations in both groups due to her ability to make complex biochemical pathways seem simple and putting it into a big picture.

Elizma Lambert can present on a variety of topics as she is a generalist who looks at the body from a 3-dimensional perspective, incorporating genetics, enzyme function, nutritional status and organ performance.

Once you understand biochemistry, you can apply it to any system within the body.

Up to date she has presented on numerous topics which includes:

  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Infections
  • CDR or the Cell Danger Response
  • Cancer
  • Redox signalling within longevity
  • Redox signalling within cancer
  • Organic Acid Testing or the OAT
  • Functional Diagnostics
  • Thyroid Diagnostics
  • Gut and Liver Diagnostics
  • OAT and Neurotransmitter Diagnostics
  • CIRS or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
  • Addictions and Gene Expression
  • Bile dysregulation and it’s role in chronic disease
  • Fasted Exercise and fat metabolism
  • Thyroid dysregulation


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