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Dr. Erica Riggleman and Dr. Eric Balcavage Interview Naturopath Elizma Lambert regarding Organic Acid Testing and the connection to thyroid physiology.

The doctors breakdown the Organic Acid Test.

There is so much information that a practitioner who is trained in Organic Acid Testing can find out about WHY you might have hypothyroid symptoms, glandular hypothyroidism, or cellular hypothyroidism.

Covered in this episode:

[00:44] Welcoming back Elizma Lambert
[01:51] Is addiction in our genes?
[02:49] The DRD2 A1 gene
[04:16] Nature vs. Nurture?
[07:22] Genes: The roadmap of risks
[10:13] Addiction to exercise
[13:54] When are these patients presenting in practice?
[15:03] How can we measure or assess?
[19:27] The delicate balance of dopamine
[23:54] Addiction to stress
[27:29] Prescribing GABA
[32:31] Don’t just give a band-aid solution
[35:30] Figuring out the drivers of inflammation
[37:35] Medical co-management
[39:10] Where to access further resources

Find today’s transcript and show notes here:

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