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World authority on Organic Acid Testing, Elizma Lambert joins me today and we talk about the value of Organic Acid Testing and what you can learn from having yours done.

We discuss Elizma’s history as an elite level athlete while on a ketogenic diet.
How bone broth helped her avoid injuries
Why she would easily run 30k on just 1 teaspoon of MCT oil
We delve into understanding the premise of a Organic Acid Test
What you can learn form it
Why a deficiency in vitamins or minerals does not mean you should supplement with them.
Why people with Chronic Fatigue, ADHD, Brain Fog, Memory loss, Depression and much much more should consider having some testing done.
The connection between yeast overgrowth which may cause depression, autism and other neuro inflammatory issues
How you can asses your mitochondrial efficiency
Is stomach acid and bile production the most overlooked issue in people today and so much more!

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