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Elizma Lambert is a complex-case detective who enjoys identifying patterns in her patients’ signs and symptoms, genetics, environment and functional testing.

In today’s interview she shares with us how she selects the screening tools she uses to guide her clinical decisions. Elizma discusses, with some great clinical examples, why she chooses organic acid testing, genetic SNP testing, microbiological testing and heavy metal screening in her complex cases to help her uncover the blocks in a person’s healing journey.

Covered in this episode:

[00:42] Introducing Elizma Lambert
[01:18] Diving deeper into complex cases
[05:08] Becoming the “O.A.T Whisperer”?
[07:28] What is measured in Organic Acid Tests?
[11:34] Going beyond methylation
[12:38] Taking a personalised medicine approach
[18:48] Is testing a necessity?
[22:26] What can microbiological testing tell us?
[22:59] Accessing upskilling
[29:06] What are the emerging areas in genetics now?
[31:08] Genetic testing: opening Pandora’s box?
[35:17] Elizma’s clientele
[36:57] Autism: Genes and heavy metals
[44:44] Don’t underestimate Candida
[46:34] Managing stressors in children and their carers?
[51:19] What does the future hold for personalised medicine?

Find today’s transcript and show notes here:
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