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How would you like to be able to detect the likelihood of early cancer cells in your body before the possible development of a measurable tumor?

This may be something more personal or relevant to those who have had to fight cancer before, but now you can!  At least if you live in the USA.


Personally I don’t believe in the ‘genes for cancer’ or any other disease theory.  Just because you have a gene that has been associated with some chronic illness, does not mean that you will get it.  For this reason I do not look at genes in terms of disease but more in terms of function.

IvyGene is a laboratory in the USA that has developed an early cancer confirmation test that measures cell-free DNA and its methylation activity at the target sites of cancer cells from which it was shed.


According to their website:

The IvyGene Cancer Blood Test measures the methylation status of cell-free DNA at target sites that have been demonstrated to be hypermethylated when certain cancers are present. Cancer Blood Test results are reported as a quantitative IvyGene Score, which indicates the methylation status of the target sites. The IvyGene Score is calculated as a composite average of cell-free DNA that is methylated at the target sites as a fraction of the total cell-free DNA present.


Methylation at specific sites in DNA correlates with the presence of cancer which makes this such a valuable test for early detection.

IvyGene Test


A Word Of Caution:


The intent of writing this article is not to create fear or paranoia about cancer.  It is simply to let everyone know that there is a simple blood test available that could help you monitor your health, especially if you’ve had cancer before, which is less invasive than biopsies and other methods that may produce false positive or negative results.

Currently (being a blood test) it is only available to USA customers at the time of writing.


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