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The whole ATP Science crew joins in a round table discussion on the iconic training topic of ‘Muscle Hypertrophy’ what it is by definition. 

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The biochemistry, anatomy, and old vs new ways of thinking on the process. Where does size come from? Does growth happen in the gym or at the table? Where does fascia fit into the whole equation? How important are proteins and amino acids for Muscle Hypertrophy? Get the notebook and a pen, there are some applicable knowledge bombs in this episode.

Covered in this episode:

00:00 – Intro

00:50 – Muscle Hypertrophy Research

03:02 – Science is Evolving

04:00 – Hypertrophy and Growth

07:00 – Theory

12:50 – Hydration

14:45 – Nutrition

18:20 – The PUMP


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