Leaky Gut, Leaky Cells, Leaky Brain…


Do you want to know:

  • Why you may not be getting the results you want?
  • How you can make your nutrients count?
  • How to get better?

If you have been struggling with chronic illness, then this ebook is a must.

Learn the not-so-well-known methods for healing your body.

Have you ever wanted to:


  • Understand why common treatments and protocols have not been working for you?

  • Understand why you may not be absorbing your nutrients?

  • Feel like there is hope that you could actually get better?

It’s easy to lose faith in the system end up get confused and scared when looking at all the biochemical terms on the OAT.  As practitioners we are trained to understand the body and organ systems from a functional perspective, not necessarily a biochemical one. And that is exactly how you should be treating anyway. But if you zoom in for a second and understand what these biomarkers really mean and where they fit in, it can give you that ‘a-ha’ moment where you can zoom back out again and know exactly what to do.


So who should be reading this book?


Anyone who has been ill for a long time and have spend a lot of time and money looking for answers and chasing cures, will find benefit in this book.  Whether you are suffering from chronic illness yourself, or have someone close to you who is struggling with recovery…it matters not.

In reading this book you will discover that sometimes the explanation and answers are simple.

It doesn’t always have to be complicated.

But it’s things that are typically overlooked or not paid attention to by many health care practitioners that can set the stage for success or failure in helping you get better.

The answers you have been looking for all this time may have never been available to you…

Until now!

So what will be covered in this book?  What is it that you will learn?
Well, take a look…


In this book you will learn:
  • Why you are not getting better despite spending $1000’s on supplements
  • How the gut is involved in all of this
  • How this affects your brain
  • The genes commonly involved
  • And most importantly…WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!
So what are you waiting for?

1 review for Leaky Gut, Leaky Cells, Leaky Brain…

  1. Elena Lykhman

    Elena Lykhman

    Many thanks for this wonderful book. Without a doubt this book should be a must-have for everyone. Elizma and Dr Jess managed to explain complex cell biology concepts in a very user-friendly way! They highlighted the importance of cell integrity for the human health. The book also provides some therapeutic suggestions based on enormous clinical expertise of the authors which makes the book even more valuable. Dr. Elizma Lambert and Dr. Jess Armine are by far the most knowledgeable integrative doctors I have ever met in my life. Elizma helped me heal from various chronic conditions and I trust her expertise wholeheartedly.

    • Elizma Lambert

      This is a great review by one of my clients. Thank you Elena. Really appreciate it.

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