6 - Ordering Supplements

This will depend on the country you reside in.

I have supplement companies that I use within Europe, UK, Australia, NZ, USA and Asia.  I try to make it as easy as possible for you to order what I recommend.

If you are a patient of mine, you will get instructions in how to order supplements once we’ve had our First Consultation.

I consult with clients all over the world, including Australia (my home country), South Africa (my birth country), USA (my adopted country), UK (my visiting country), Europe (my conscious country), Indonesia (my neighbouring country), Asia (my growing country), New Zealand (my desired country), Canada (somewhere I need to visit), etc.

This means that I know to the best of my knowledge what is available in which country and where you can get it from.  This is added to your health plan based on where you are situated and where it is easiest for you to order from.

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