I’m already seeing someone else/I am a practitioner, and need help with test interpretations.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are a practitioner struggling with a gene report, or have had functional tests done by a practitioner that has not given you a satisfactory interpretation.

Clients can book a Test Results Consultation, and practitioners can book a Practitioner Mentoring session.

For clients, it will be a simple test result interpretation.  I will not have any of your health history information, so will not be able to give you a detailed health plan on what I believe will move you forward in your journey.  I would still advise to book a First Consultation in this case.

This is an ideal option for practitioners as you receive an interpretation on test results you may not be very familiar with, which enables you to get a treatment plan together for your client quickly, and also learn along the way.

  • You receive a recording of the conversation (if technology doesn’t fail us and if requested) to listen to again.
  • No treatment plans are provided.  This is simply an expert interpretation.
  • Under ALL circumstances clients will be deferred back to their practitioners for treatment.  I maintain a trusting and respectful relationship with my colleagues.  This service is to enhance client care, teach along the way, and not to be another ‘cook in the kitchen’ when it comes to treatment.
  • If you are not under anyone’s expert care, then we can discuss continuing a client-practitioner relationship if this is your desire.