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Gene Samples


For US clients, StrateGene is the preferred nutrigenomic test when compared to all other DNA companies.

For international clients, the 23andme test gives you the raw data  to screen for thousands of genes which include the MTHFR genes, although the genes they test for change on a regular basis.  Their chip is not the same as StrateGene but still a good source of raw data.

We recommend that if you are an international client, i.e. not a USA client or living in New York, that you get your raw data from here (23andme) and upload it to the StrateGene report.  StrateGene is one of the most researched gene reports on the market.

Ready to take the test for non-USA clients?

These are the steps you need to follow:
  1. Once you’ve created an account and ordered the test, it will be mailed out to you within about 2 weeks.
  2. You collect the sample (saliva) and mail it back to them.
  3. Once the sample is processed in about 6 weeks or so, you should receive notification that your raw data is ready.
  4. Log into your account, go to the top right hand corner where your name is and hover over the drop-down box.  Click on ‘browse raw data’.
  5. In the top right hand corner click on ‘download’.  This provides you with a zip-file document containing lots of numbers.
  6. Upload the raw genetic data into Strategene which will generate a smaller colour coded report that can be analyzed by your practitioner.

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