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Lisa S

March 7, 2019

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing input and influence on my family’s health over the past 6 years.   I can’t imagine how life would have turned if we hadn’t found you back when my boys were the ages of 2 and 4.

As you know we struggled immensely with skin issues, sleep issues, developmental delays, food issues and behavioural issues.  It was safe to say that I was completely out of my depth!!

After meeting with you and then you meeting the boys, it’s like the fog started to clear.  Your calm and simple approach has helped me not be overwhelmed along the way.  Those few simple tests that you had us do were pivotal in getting answers and solutions!  My youngest son we discovered had simple nutrient deficiencies that were basically easily sorted and the root of a lot of the other issues.  Any delays are a thing of the past, in fact both my boys get grades ranging from A’s to C’s and always get an A for effort and behaviour.  I still can’t believe how much things have changed!

As for diet, your advice has been amazing.  For long term health I would recommend anyone and everyone come see you!  My boys don’t seem to catch hardly any of the colds and flus each year which is so great.  I put it down to the foods that we eat (which are not weird or hard to prepare at all).

If anyone ever wants a referral please get them to call me.

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