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How To Find a Skilled Functional Practitioner Who Truly Understands MTHFR!

If you ever felt that it was near impossible to find a skilled practitioner who understands how to read gene reports, connect it with your symptoms, and provide good advice on supplementation, then this may be the most important information you ever read…

You want to stop feeling sick.  You want to get better and live life like everyone else around you.  But you’ve been to so many practitioners who’ve put you on programs, protocols, cleanses and more, and all that’s happened is you feel worse, or at the very best you improve a little and then slide back again.  You may even have spend thousands of dollars on testing over the years without ever being told what they mean, what they have to do with your symptoms, or how they even relate to each other.

So finally one day someone who read something about MTHFR tells you it may be worth looking into, orders an MTHFR gene test for you, and low-and-behold, your test comes back positive with mutations on either one or both alleles.

Happy days right?  Finally you have some answers.

But disappointment soon follows, because:

  • Your practitioner thought it would be good to test for MTHFR, but doesn’t actually know anything about it.
  • You get prescribed supplements based on the MTHFR mutation and you feel absolutely horrible.
  • You take supplements for MTHFR but nothing changes.

So now you are confused, worried that you’ll never get better, and not sure what your next step is or where to turn for help.

If I’m being honest I will tell you that finding skilled practitioners in any area is like finding a needle in a haystack.  In the world of nutrigenomics, genes and complex health issues even more so.  Trust me, I see many clients who’ve come from well-meaning practitioners who are worse off because of supplements recommended to them based on one gene test.

Before you take the next step you need to read this free report.



Get Help From Someone Who Understands Nutrigenomics and The Complexities Of Chronic Health Conditions.


After being in the health game for 20+ years and working with people who do not fit into the standard box of healthcare and protocols, this is what I’ve learned:



Skilled Functional Practitioners That Tick All The Boxes Are RARE.


If you do find them, they often are already quite busy because their reputation makes them a sought-after commodity.  Nutrigenomics and gene testing is becoming a very popular field of medicine, but it’s also fast paced due to new information being released almost on a daily basis.  Staying current is a challenge, but a necessity.

Harder yet is finding a practitioner who is able to connect-the-dots between your genetic profile, your symptoms or chronic health condition, and any other testing you may have had done over the years.  And explaining it to you in plain English!  Many practitioners specialize in one area or another which discourages them to look at the body as a whole.  This may make them experts in one organ system and possibly make them very wealthy, but it doesn’t help you get better.  What you need is a generalist who can look at EVERYTHING and make the connections between body systems and how they influence each other so you can understand the flow-on effect of an upstream event.

You’ve really struck the jack-pot if, on top of all this, you can find a detective.  Yes, a really good practitioner is a detective.  Someone who doesn’t pretend they know everything, but is willing to go searching for the answers when they get stuck.  Someone who looks for the source of the problem instead of treating the down-stream effects which is often the approach taken by mainstream medicine.

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