The Anti-Inflammatory Diet



Food is not just nourishment for you. It is nourishment for the bacteria residing in your gut.
Your gut microbiome. These little guys work hard. They digest the food. They use this to feed the gut cells. And they make tons of nutrients needed for biochemical functions such as methylation and the tricarboxylic acid or krebs cycle where all your energy is produced. Nutrients such as biotin, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin K and many others.
Make sure your diet is filled with anti-inflammatory foods

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An anti-inflammatory diet needs to form the basis of any treatment plan in chronic disease. All disease is associated with some degree of inflammation in the end.

Inflammation occurs when the immune system is activated by a trigger, often infection (viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold, parasites) or a chemical exposure (metals, mercury, lead, PCB’s, POP’s, PAH’s, xenoestrogens, benzoates, petrochemicals, etc.). But inflammation can also come from everyday stress.
Cortisol is produced in larger amounts when we are stressed. That is the adrenalin rush we feel that helps us cope (temporarily) with higher stress demands. But cortisol is also our body’s natural anti-inflammatory.

But this is not a book about inflammation, but rather how to reduce it through diet. In fact, this is how we ALL should eat ALL OF THE TIME. You could also call this diet the ‘Boost Your Brain Diet’, ‘Save Your Joints Diet’, ‘Reverse Diabetes Diet’, ‘Pain Free Diet’, ‘Hormone Balancing Diet’, ‘Fertility Diet’, ‘Autoimmune Paleo Diet’, ‘MTHFR Diet’, ‘Methylation Diet’..