Nutri-tide ®NT(Australia)



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Nutri-tide®NT caters for purine and pyrimidine deficiencies from the diet. Nutri-tide®NT is specially formulated by Nucleotide Nutrition (UK) to support cellular regeneration of the intestinal tract, proliferation of the gut’s ‘good’ bacteria, and certain immune cells. It supports the dietary management of patients who have absorption and MTHFR gene-related issues – providing key ingredients that form DNA and RNA which are essential to cellular regeneration and the maintenance of immune and digestive health.

Modern Western diets are lacking in nucleotide-rich foods (offal, bone marrow, fermented food). Nutri-tide®NT supports the body’s normal maintenance and repair processes in restricted diets (including vegan or vegetarian) by delivering a ready-to-absorb and balanced blend of all five pyrimidine and purine nucleotides.

Indicated for the dietary management of those with absorption and methylation related issues, such as in cases of:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Coeliac Disease, Leaky Gut, MTHFR gene related pathways, poor immune function, pre & post surgical trauma, post cancer therapies, high intensity stress or exercise, advanced ageing

Ingredients (new formula for Australia):

Nutri-tide® (Standardised 5’Ribonucleotides, RNA), Thickener (Maltodextrin), Inositol

Recommended daily consumption:

Consume 1 to 2 level scoops daily. Dilute powder in water or juice, add to a smoothie or sprinkle onto food. Children’s dosage and additional servings as directed by medical practitioner, according to patient stress levels.

Not intended for:

  • those with gout
  • those taking immuno-suppressant treatment (eg., medication or during chemotherapy)
  • organ transplant patients
This product is not suitable as a sole source of nutrition. It is not meant to cure or treat any disease. Not for parenteral use.
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45g pot contains 45 x 1g serving

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