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OAT Master Course With Elizma Lambert


Exciting news!

Due to high demand Elizma has decided to teach an online 3 week Master Course on the OAT (Organic Acid Test) in July 2019.  This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and an expert in OAT analysis.

Due to her busy schedule this is indeed a rare opportunity, so don’t miss out.




Over 3 weeks you will learn:

  • The basics on the OAT
  • Preparation for the OAT
  • What the OAT markers mean
  • Markers of Inflammation
  • Markers of Detoxification
  • Markers of Gut Health
  • Markers of Mood Disorders
  • Markers of Genetic Expression
  • And most importantly…CASE STUDIES!!
  • Plus Q and A.

You learn more from case studies than anything else.  All participants will have the opportunity to send through one test result to be used as a case study.  Just send through any test results to [email protected] once you have paid for the course.

Elizma will endeavor to go through all the case studies send through but cannot guarantee that this would be possible.




The OAT Master Course will be presented over 3 lectures on every Tuesday for 3 weeks.  This gives you time to digest the information and formulate your questions for the next session.

Tentative dates are:

  • Tuesday, 16 July
  • Tuesday, 23 July
  • Tuesday, 30 July

These dates can be changed depending on the feedback from participants.  Times have not been decided on yet.  We are looking at either early morning or evening times.




Like we said earlier on, this is a rare event and an opportunity to pick Elizma’s brain.

Join us and escalate your knowledge either to enhance your current practice or to help you manage your and your family’s health.

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